Welcome to Finaco Treuhand AG

Education and training to keep "up-to-date" has become an important feature of today’s fast business life. However, nobody can be a specialist in all and every field. That is why you can only benefit of the expertise of consultants who provide highly specialized services.

Finaco Treuhand AG is a small to medium sized Trust and Consultancy Company whose strength is its focus on tailor-made solutions. It was set up and registered in December 1985. The president of the Board of Directors, Mr. Alfred Eckstein, says: “Our experienced consultants are able to offer a large variety of services to our clients. Our basic principles are mutual trust and reliability - particularly in today’s quickly changing and seemingly insecure world.

In line with the requirements of the Swiss money laundering and anti-terrorism financing law, Finaco Treuhand AG is a member of both the “Treuhand | Suisse" as well as of the "Self Regulation Organization of Treuhand | Suisse". Therefore, we are fully approved to act as financial intermediary.